Tackle some specific issues with PERFORM

With PERFORM you get an MES-system that is tailored to the needs of the sheet-cutting industry, and that is capable of resolving some very specific issues. Watch the videos below and let us inspire you! 

Launch rush orders into production

No time loss for production engineers, all operator task lists get updated automatically.

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Take perfect control of the project sequencing

Quickly respond to changing priorities. Operators are always working on the right projects at the right time.


Manage broken parts without interrupting the workflow

Easy reporting of broken parts by operators on shop floor. Replacements can be ordered automatically.

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Perfect guidance of operators at the assembly station

Operators have a clear view of what they can start working on. For each assembly a checklist is provided.

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Perfect overview of every project and all parts in your production

Exact routing information and live status updates give you all the detail you need to take close control of your production.

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