Perfect grain matching sets

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • Basic materials like solid wood or HPL with a particular wood decoration have a grain direction.
  • You have a cabinet with multiple fronts, for example two doors and two drawers. These parts form a set.
  • You want the grain figure or other decoration to continue over all parts within the set, giving you the best aesthetic result.

OPTIMIZER PROFESSIONAL allows you to create perfect grain matching sets and keep those sets together in the layout according to specific figures you define.

  • With the grain direction functionality in the optimizer you can control the orientation of a particular part within the layout.
  • Perfect grain matching sets takes it one step further, as you can combine the diffent parts of a set into one figure and keep parts together in the layout according to that figure.
  • After optimization you recognize the created figure in the produced layout. Now your cabinets will look much nicer!

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