Efficient communication between the office and the shop floor

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • You find it difficult to transfer project information and work instructions to the workers on the shop floor.
  • This often results in misunderstandings, delays or mistakes. Also, parts go missing or can no longer be identified correctly.

OPTIMIZER PROFESSIONAL allows you to generate labels and reports that will help you to efficiently transfer information and instructions to the workers on the shop floor.

  • After optimization you can print labels on a A4-size sheet. These labels can then be applied to each part produced.
  • The labels contain detailed information for each part, including the edges needed.
  • Next to part labels, you can print an entire project folder. The folder includes a picking list for the operator at the warehouse, an overview of the layouts that need to be cut, an overview of all the parts in the project, etcetera. 

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