Flexible import of CNC-instructions

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your CNC-instructions come from multiple sources and are defined in different file formats?
  • All the CNC-info is there, but your machine does not recognize its file format?
  • The operator is endlessly searching for the correct machine files?

With CAM CENTER it is possible to centralize all the CNC-info in ARDIS ® OPTIMIZER. There the instuctions are saved in the NC Draw format , the ARDIS ® universal data format for CNC-instructions.

  • Whether the instructions are stored inside a DXF, an MPR, a CIX, a HOP or any other file format , you can simply insert them into your parts list.
  • After optimization you have the flexibility to export all the instructions to a broad range of machine file formats.
  • For each part a barcode can be included on the label that links to the correct machine file.

Interested? Want to find out more?

Recently we have organized a webinar on CAM CENTER, showcasing all its main features and use cases.

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