Export to various CNC file formats

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have multiple machines from different brands. Each time you need to export your CNC-instructions to the correct file format.
  • Generating machine files takes up an awful lot of time, so you need to know longtime beforehand on which machine you want to produce which parts.
  • Your draftsmen have to take into account the capabilities of your CNC-machine and create the CNC-instructions accordingly.

With CAM CENTER it is possible to export CNC-instructions from ARDIS ® OPTIMIZER to the machine file format of your choice.

  • We support various export file formats like MPR, CIX, HOP, XCS, etc.
  • Export of CNC-files at lightning speed: up to 500 files per minute! This gives you the flexibility to postpone the decision of which machine should produce which parts to the very last minute. 
  • Your draftsmen can focus on their area of expertise and do not have to take into account the possibilities and limitations of the machinery as all CNC-instructions are first converted to the NC-Draw format, a universal data standard native to OPTIMIZER.

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We have recently organized a webinar on CAM CENTER, showcasing all its main features and use cases.

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