Manage your entire CNC-production flow

Does this sound familiar?

  • You have multiple CNC-machines, each with their own capabilities. However, you find it hard to split the CNC-instructions for a part over these machines.
  • For each project you have to think and decide on the most optimal route of all parts throughout your production flow.
  • There is no feedback on routing decisions taken, so it is hard to communicate this information with the operators on the shop floor.
  • In a fully automatic line, some machines do not accept parts for which there is no CNC-file available.
  • You find it hard to integrate the CNC-capabilities of your edgebander into your production flow.

With CAM CENTER it is possible to distribute all CNC-instructions over multiple machines, so you can control all your machines as if they are one.

  • With production strategies you can design different routes throughout your production flow.
  • Build in some intelligence and automate routing decisions. With the all-or-nothing functionality it is even possible to set a 'preferred machine' which executes all operations for a particular part. However, if one operation cannot be executed by this machine, all operations are passed on to a fallback strategy.
  • CAM CENTER registers the routing decisions taken and gives this information back to the OPTIMIZER . From there it can be included on the label for each part or it can be handed over to the ERP- or MES-system.
  • Create empty files for machines that just need to accept parts and pass them on to the next station in your automatic line.
  • Control your edgebander and incorporate its CNC-capabilities into your CNC-production flow.

Interested? Want to find out more?

Recently we have organized a webinar on CAM CENTER, showcasing all its main features and use cases.

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